The 2023 Count is On!

The annual Gouldian finch census in our research area around Wyndham, Western Australia, is coming up in the first week of September. We have a full complement of 30 volunteers coming to assist.

Will the higher numbers recorded in 2022 be maintained? Prospects are good for breeding this year, as the last wet season over summer 2023 was a big one. There is water everywhere in the East Kimberley environment. If there is still a lot of water available across the landscape when we do the count, the birds might be more widely dispersed than in a drier year when they have to aggregate around remaining water holes late in the dry season.

There might be more birds in total, but our count might not reveal them because we can’t be everywhere. Whatever the case our dedicated volunteers will experience the wonderful Kimberley environment.

A juvenile Gouldian, evidence of the last breeding season. Many don’t survive to the next breeding season.

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