Save the Gouldian Fund Count 2022

We have just completed the Gouldian finch count in our study area around Wyndham. The Save the Gouldian Fund team and volunteers has been surveying this population since 2010 using a subset of the same count locations and a well validated survey protocol. We are accumulating the only quantitative long-term population data available for this endangered species.

More details on results will be posted shortly, but I wanted to thank the team of volunteers who came along this year. We had 23 counters, 14 of whom were on their first Gouldian count. They are pictured below in front of the Big Croc in Wyndham.

STGF could not conduct counts in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID restrictions, so it was great to get back there this year.

The good thing to report is that our population estimate is significantly increased on past years. On average across 10 survey sites we were counting about 1700 Gouldians per day. Total number of birds each day was very consistent, but numbers at each site varied. Clearly the birds were visiting different watering sites each day. On average 60% of the birds sighted were juveniles. This is consistent with past surveys – 2018 was 58% juveniles, 2019 was 59% juveniles. Several juveniles are pictured right, some just starting to move into the moult to adult plumage.

More detail will be provided later when a full report is done. Once again many thanks to the volunteers without whom we could not conduct this work. Special thanks to Rodney, Rodney and Rodney – they know who they are…. and to Christine McLachlan from Wyndham who supports our efforts in many ways. Thanks also to the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley who allowed use of their Wyndham Chambers for our meeting.

Gary Fitt, CEO Save the Gouldian Fund