Support STGF by buying Gouldian t-shirt

October 2013 at Alison Green Designs is Endangered Species Month.  From now and throughout October, Alison is offering 4 T-shirts featuring designs of endangered species and donating $10 from each sale to relevant projects connected with each species.

GOULDIAN FINCHES T-shirt sales – donations to the Save the Gouldian Fund

CORROBOREE FROG — donations made to Corroboree Conservation Program

REGENT HONEYEATER — T-shirt sales will benefit Birdlife Australia’s Woodland Birds for Biodiversity Regent Honeyeater Recovery Program

GLOSSY BLACK-COCKATOO design (with text added to highlight the plight of the SA/Kangaroo Island sub-species -Calyptorynchus lathami halmaturinus) donations to Glossy Black Rescue Fund c/o Nature Foundation SA.

Order any of these T-shirt designs now & up to the end of October and Alison will make a donation on your behalf.

To order, visit and choose your design from the 5 choices at the top of the Adults T-shirt page.

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