Finches ’22 Convention

July 1-3 2022, University of Queensland

Don’t miss Finches ’22! Australia is open, and State borders won’t be closing again, but some are still uncertain about making travel commitments. If you register now for Finches ’22 and can’t attend because of COVID – a COVID infection, or because you are a close contact – we will fully refund your costs up to a week before the Convention.

FINCHES ’22 will feature 14 expert presenters, workshops, aviary visits, conference dinner and awards, raffle and fun competitions.

Who is presenting?

  • Peter Harrison (UK) – “Winning with birds – breeding, training, preparation and execution.”
  • Bruce Hockley (NSW) – “Breeding for quality”
  • Mike Fidler (NSW) – “Decoding our birds – how do we define a management regime for each species?”
  • Dr. Stacey Gelis (Qld) – Two workshops on hands on aspects of avian health.
  • Ian Brown (Qld) – “Nutritional needs for Softbills – keeping the diversity of foods manageable”.
  • Steve Sass (NSW) – “Social challenges in breeding Fairy Wrens in captivity”
  • Cheryl Mares (Qld) – “Napoleon Weavers – weaving some magic.”
  • David Pace (Sth Australia) – “Re-establishing aviaries and birds – the challenges of a suburban backyard”
  • Dr Lori Hurley (NSW) – “When good sperm go bad – factors impacting avian sperm”.
  • Graham Bull (NSW) – “The Black-rumped Waxbill – its Australian avicultural experience with lessons for other declining exotic finch species”.
  • Glen Holland (Victoria) – “African finches in bush and aviary – what can we apply from observations of wild finches”.
  • Dr. Chris Schell (Qld) – “Aviary design for the small garden – considerations for housing an interesting collection”.
  • Dr. Bob Doneley (Qld) – “A systematic approach to disease avoidance in avicultural collections”
  • Gary Fitt (Qld) – “What does the National Finch and Softbill Census tell us?”

The Convention will again be held at a great venue at the University of Queensland. Most delegates stay on site in great accommodation, so that finch chatter continues at all hours. If you’re serious about finches and softbills, this event is for you.

Registrations are open now. Contact for all details and registration/accommodation bookings.

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