Thanks to our Donors

We are very grateful to all our donors for supporting our investments in research projects on wild Gouldians. Special thanks go to Laura Watkins and her Gouldian collection in the USA, and to David Pace from Adelaide for his “Shirtember” event of colourful shirt posts.



2023 Gouldian count completed

The 2023 Gouldian count is completed. 27 volunteers spent a week with early starts, up at 4.30am and away at 5am. They counted Gouldians at 18 count sites around Wyndham in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

It was a great success with an average of 1300 Gouldians counted each day. […]

The 2023 Count is On!

The annual Gouldian finch census in our research area around Wyndham, Western Australia, is coming up in the first week of September. We have a full complement of 30 volunteers coming to assist.

Will the higher numbers recorded in 2022 be maintained? Prospects are good for breeding this year, as the last wet season over […]

Back from the Brink?

A rare piece of good news for the Gouldian Finch (and others). New research by a group of Australian researchers has found 29 threatened species that have recovered sufficiently to be no longer threatened. There’s still a long way to go, but the research points the way to the strategies that are working. See here […]

Fire and the Gouldian

The East Kimberley Community Fire Forum was held in Kununurra on 3rd November. The Community Fire Forum represents the efforts of locals to improve the management of dry season fires in the area and particularly the regular (every year), late dry season hot burns that cause so much damage to the vegetation and […]

2022 Gouldian count completed

We have just completed the Gouldian finch count in our study area around Wyndham. I wanted to thank the team of volunteers who came along this year. The good thing to report is that our population estimate is significantly increased on past years. More detail will be provided later when a full report is done […]

Join the 2022 Gouldian Count!

Save the Gouldian Fund coordinates an annual count of Gouldian Finches in our study region around Wyndham in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. For the past two years we have been unable to do a count due to COVID restrictions, but it is all clear for this year.

The 2022 Gouldian Count will be […]

Finches ’22 Convention

July 1-3 2022, University of Queensland

Don’t miss Finches ’22! Australia is open, and State borders won’t be closing again, but some are still uncertain about making travel commitments. If you register now for Finches ’22 and can’t attend because of COVID – a COVID infection, or because you are a […]

Wyndham Locals help the Gouldians

Recently Mike Fidler appealed to Wyndham locals in The Bastion newspaper to help reverse declining numbers of Gouldian finches in the area by putting up nest boxes in their gardens. The article is reproduced here.

Since then, a meeting has been held at the Research Centre. Fifteen nest boxes were taken by Wyndham residents directly […]

Naturally For Birds

STGF is very proud to be part of Naturally For Birds – a new range of avicultural supplements that has arisen directly from the research we have been doing with captive and wild Gouldian finches.

For nearly 15 years now, we have been working on the ecology, behaviour, physiology and nutritional requirements of a range […]