Sunrise over the Kimberley

Sunrise this morning while waiting for the Gouldians!

Dry season catching

Caught this gorgeous little black male this morning – as well as many other males and lots of juveniles. The Gouldians are just getting ready to start their annual moult (as you can see from the top his head).


Back to the Kimberley!

So great to be back in the Kimberley again! We have returned to start fieldwork for the 2013 dry season – and of course to prepare for the upcoming Annual Census

Hall of Fame – July 2013

A BIG thank you to all our new July supporters, members and donors. These include Nathan Hartley (Australia), Scott Mercer (USA), Nancy Wilson (USA), Daniel Patterson (Australia), Matthew Harris (Australia) and Sparsholt College (UK).

Many thanks for your generous donations and support.